Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Preliminary Investigations by a HR

Predictive Analytics, based on worker-based statistics, is becoming more and more appealing, allowing HR departments to be more strategic in predicting whether they will have enough resources next week, but also, have the right skills on their team three years down the road. However, increasingly, companies want data to back up decisions made by their HR team.

Necessary action taken by a HR

Predictive analytics is a growing realm of HR analytics. According to Recruiter.com, traditional HR predictive analytics is focused on turnover and cost per hire. However, companies, such as hardware and software experts, Oracle, provide an analytics system that will help companies compete for potential talent problems down the road, and guide companies on how to hire, engage, and develop employees.

IBM, Vancouver's Visier Corp, and Oracle are only a handful of companies who provide workforce analytics systems and applications, and consultation in predictive workforce analytics.

Chat (comprehensive Health Assessment Tool) is a standardised and validated assessment tool for young people in the youth justice system. Its implementation will ensure young people in the secure estate and the community receive a comprehensive assessment of their physical and mental health, substance misuse and neuro-disability needs. A standardised approach to the assessment of health needs can provide better screening, improve continuity of care and prevent duplication during periods of transition. CHAT (secure) in now being rolled out across the secure estate. A version for use in the community-CHAT (community) – will be available shortly. In this assessment, wee can hire the people by testing their typing level.

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